Hello and welcome!

I fell in love with Greenwood Township from the first moment I visited. The beautiful natural environment instantly drew me in. Yet it is the connections with people that have created my greatest bond with this community.

The people of this township have such a positive spirit which inspires me to give back to the community and serve as Township Clerk. My motivational force is bringing my entrepreneurial, customer service, and technical skills to elevate the office.

Through years of collaboration as a volunteer leader, I have devoted my life to working with people of diverse opinions – helping them move forward together to accomplish mutual goals. Years of experience in the business environment honed skills that are vitally needed in the Office of Township Clerk.

In 2018, I took a leap of faith and started a small business, radMack Packaging LLC, to realize my dream of working and living in Greenwood township.

Thank you for voting!

Rachel Mackson ~ Greenwood Twp Clerk